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How to buy Allergan Botox in a bottle at Botulinum toxin store?

You can safely purchase a Botox kit in one of the following ways:

  • By adding Botox to your cart and submitting the order;
  • By contacting us via email at [email protected]

At Botulinum toxin store online, every registered customer can order high-quality Botox online both retail and wholesale. Our store offers discounts to those who buy in large quantities. Buy Botox Online in Europe. Feel free to check Botulinum toxin store wholesale prices by visiting the product pages, such as Botox 100 Units, 50 Units, and many others.

Is it legal to Buy Botox Online?

Botox is a botulinum toxin product elaborated and patented by the French-American manufacturer Allergan and FDA approved. It is both a cosmetic and therapeutic drug. Apart from being used for aesthetic purposes, it is applied to treat such serious medical conditions as:

  • Blepharospasm;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • Limb spasticity;
  • Overactive bladder;
  • Urinary retention;
  • Severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis;
  • Chronic migraine;
  • Episodic migraine;
  • Cervical dystonia;
  • Neck pain.

Botox injections should be performed only by experienced licensed professionals who has received proper training and certification in administering Botox. Buy Botox Online in Europe. Please note that the application of the product by non-professionals might be health and life-threatening.

However, you can legally buy Allergan Botox online in the USA if you hold a license that proves that you are a certified medical professional. By means of providing it to us, you will obtain a right to buy and use Botox and other botulinum toxin products in your medical practice.

Order Botox Online in Europe, USA and Canada

In case of having a license, you can safely place an Allergan Botox order online on Botulinum toxin store:

  • Register your personal account;
  • Fill in all the required information;
  • Select the needed products and add them to your cart;
  • Provide your medical license or prescription;
  • Proceed with the payment;
  • Wait for your license to be verified by our managers;

In case you need any assistance with the registration, payment, or any other aspect of the purchasing process, contact the Botulinum toxin store team. Buy Botox Online in Europe. As well, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions regarding the pricesshipmentdeliveryservice, and so on. Remember, the Botulinum toxin store customer support service is always ready to help you out.

When deciding to order Botox online or dermal fillers online on, you might be sure that you buy 100% authentic top-quality products and, therefore, guarantee your patient the best possible result after the procedure.

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Allergan Botox 50IU

Buy Allergan Botox online. Each vial contains 50 units of the Botulinum toxin type A from Clostridium Botulinum. The primary use of Botox 50 iu Injection includes Wrinkles, Muscle spasms, Chronic Migraine and more. It is the most cherished product for facial enhancement, anti-aging as it makes facial muscles smoother and clears wrinkles. Get complete kit without a license in Canada, USA, Australia UK and all of Europe with express and free shipping on selected offers.

Botox 100IU

The effect can be spread on the muscle groups (ptosis of the eyelids, eye accommodation, tongue articulation, lip numbness, asymmetry in the corners of the mouth, in the inter brow areas, in the lateral areas of eyebrows).

Botox 100IU Cosmetic

The effect can be spread on the muscle groups (ptosis of the eyelids, eye accommodation, tongue articulation, lip numbness, asymmetry in the corners of the mouth, in the inter brow areas, in the lateral areas of eyebrows).

Botox 100IU European

The effect can be spread on the muscle groups (ptosis of the eyelids, eye accommodation, tongue articulation, lip numbness, asymmetry in the corners of the mouth, in the inter brow areas, in the lateral areas of eyebrows).

Botox 100IU Indian – English

The effect can be spread on the muscle groups (ptosis of the eyelids, eye accommodation, tongue articulation, lip numbness, asymmetry in the corners of the mouth, in the inter brow areas, in the lateral areas of eyebrows).

Botox 100IU Non-English

The effect can be spread on the muscle groups (ptosis of the eyelids, eye accommodation, tongue articulation, lip numbness, asymmetry in the corners of the mouth, in the inter brow areas, in the lateral areas of eyebrows).

Botox 100IU Polish/Czech

The effect can be spread on the muscle groups (ptosis of the eyelids, eye accommodation, tongue articulation, lip numbness, asymmetry in the corners of the mouth, in the inter brow areas, in the lateral areas of eyebrows).

Botox International English 100U

The effect can be spread on the muscle groups (ptosis of the eyelids, eye accommodation, tongue articulation, lip numbness, asymmetry in the corners of the mouth, in the inter brow areas, in the lateral areas of eyebrows).

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The average Botox price depends on several factors. Namely, it is determined by the product’s typevolumepackage, and supplier. Here is how Botox costs vary:
  • There exist two main types of Botox, namely medical and cosmetic. While the first is used to treat muscle-related health issues, the latter is applied in aesthetic medicine. In most cases, medical Botox tends to be more expensive than the cosmetic one.
  • Botox is usually sold in a variety of different volumes. Among the most popular ones are Botox 50IU and Botox 100IU. Naturally, the bigger the product’s volume is, the more it will cost.
  • Depending on the market Botox is targeted to, it is advertised in different packages, such as European, Polish, Indian, and so on. Basically, you might come across a more expensive English or cheaper non-English Botox packaging.
  • Each supplier of cosmetic injectables sets its own Botox price. As well, it might or might not provide its customers with wholesale discounts, special deals, and other price benefits.
As well, the average cost of Botox injections depends on the health care practitioner who is going to perform the procedure.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned table will help you to find the most appropriate type of Botox. So, make your decision and place your order on Botulinum toxin store, a reliable supplier of cosmetic injectables at the best possible prices!

What basic information should you know about Botox?

Apart from their therapeutic purposes, injections of Botox (Botulin toxin A) are famous to be the powerful means to fight the signs of natural aging. Namely, they are used to efficiently eliminate dynamic wrinkles on the forehead, under the eyes, and around the mouth. Due to the fact that recent implications of Botox have gone even further, there are lots of studies and cases of adult patients being treated with Botox to lift breasts, take care of erectile dysfunction, manage premature ejaculation, eliminate the effect of a gummy smile, or fight excessive sweating. Buy Botox Online in Europe.  Moreover, scientists are not going to stop exploring new and new applications of botulinum toxin to improve people’s health and quality of life.

A few words on the history of BotoxBuy Botox Online in Europe

Botulin toxin type A is synthesized by anaerobic bacteria (microorganisms) that belong to the Clostridium family. The first medical application of Botox occurred in 1960. Before this time, it was considered to be a dreadful poison that caused a health condition called botulism, which might be characterized as poisoning (mainly a result of eating poisoned meat products) that is accompanied by full or partial paralysis of the organism with the possibility of fatal consequences. However, a group of Canadian scientists managed to “tame” the dangerous poison, providing a great number of patients with an opportunity to cure a variety of diseases (not only cosmetic issues) and, therefore, radically change their lives. Please note: In 1960, doctors used Botox to treat partial and complete paralysis of the facial nerve, lower and upper limb spasticity, urge urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, hyperhidrosis, migraine, etc. The main reason for it is that the injection of botulin toxin stimulates muscle relaxation and, therefore, helps to relieve the symptoms of the above-mentioned medical conditions. These days, doctors apply Botox to treat heavy headaches, cerebral palsy, strabismus, and other diseases of the nervous system. In addition, botulin therapy might be used by orthodontists to cure bruxism (or, as it is also called, teeth grinding).

Botox working principle

The working principle of botulinum toxin is pretty straightforward. Under normal circumstances, it acts locally. Namely, the substance has the power to disrupt the transmission of the nerve impulse from the nerve end to the muscle, thereby relaxing this particular muscle. The method botulinum toxin helps to eliminate mimic wrinkles depends directly on the way they form. Facial expressions such as laughing, smiling, crying, frowning, etc., involve an active movement and contraction of facial muscles. For example, every time a person smiles, the respective facial muscle contracts, and, therefore, squeezes the skin. Depending on a person’s age, this process leads to different results:
  • At a young age, the skin has lots of collagen and elastin. These substances quickly fill in the creases that occurred as a result of smiling. Therefore, there is not even a trace of them on the skin surface;
  • At a more senior age, however, active facial expressions lead to the formation of creases. The main reason for it is that the skin deposits of hyaluronic acid and collagen decrease as a person gets older. Therefore, there occur pronounced wrinkles around the eyes if a person squints the eyes, as well as furrow lines on the forehead or between the eyebrows if a person frowns too often.
Luckily, the Botox working principle comes in handy to treat the above-mentioned wrinkles. Here is how it works: when botulinum toxin penetrates the dermal tissues, its molecules bind to the proteins on the edges of the nerve fibers, preventing them from receiving brain signals. As a result, the tension in the tissues gradually decreases, muscles relax, and wrinkles vanish.

Expected Botox result - Buy Botox Online in Europe

When speaking about the expected result of the cosmetic application of Botox, it is essential to mention that it will be observed on the second day after the procedure. It will gradually show up and become clearly visible in two weeks after the treatment. The final result will persist for 3-5 months and gradually weaken afterward. So the injection of Botox should be repeated from time to time if the patient wants to remain smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Please note: Botox acts in several stages. It is the main reason why the first effect of it might become visible in 2-7 days after the injection. While the peak of Botox action, in its turn, will occur near the end of the second month after the procedure. After that, it gradually weeks as the organism starts to grow new nerve fibers.

ContraindicationsBotox Contraindications

Botulinum toxin that is used in modern products (including Botox), is highly purified and refined. Therefore, it is safe to be used for the treatment of both adults and children. Moreover, it is one of the best well-studied medications with hundreds of clinical trials and experiments. Thus, it rarely leads to serious complications. Nevertheless, Botox treatment is not for everybody. Patients with the following health conditions are not regarded to be suitable candidates for both therapeutic and cosmetic Botox injections:
  • Resistance (or, in other words, insensitivity) to Botox;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Violation of the skin integrity at the injection area;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Chronic diseases in the phase of exacerbation (on the moment of injection).
Only patients with none of the above-mentioned diagnoses are allowed to undergo the procedure of Botox injection. Buy Botox Online in Europe.

Possible side effects - Buy Botox Online in Europe

Those who do not have any contraindications to the administration of Botox should be informed about its possible side effects. Botulinum toxin is a foreign substance, so the body might react to it in certain ways, such as:
  • Pain at the injection site;
  • Redness;
  • Swelling;
  • Itching;
  • Bruising;
  • Skin sensitivity;
  • Tissue discoloration;
  • Headache;
  • Nausea.
These are temporary reactions of the organism that should disappear in a few hours or days after the treatment. In case of worsening of the patient’s well-being, it is recommended to contact the doctor immediately. To minimize the pain, the patient can use painkillers or apply a pack of ice to the area of the treatment.

Cosmetic Treatment with Botox

Initially, Botox has been used only for therapeutic purposes. However, while treating blepharospasm by means of administering botulinum toxin in the eye muscle, the scientists noticed that the substance smoothed out the under-eye wrinkles so that the patients acquired a younger appearance. It has set a start to a cosmetic era of Botox for the elimination of mimic wrinkles with the aim of facial rejuvenation. The above-mentioned moment introduced Botox into cosmetology. These days, it is extensively used for wrinkle reduction on the forehead, nose bridge, and near the eye. Moreover, it is applied to correct the skin imperfections in the lower third of the face (however, please note that the wrong application of Botox may temporarily hurt the facial expression of a patient). So, here is the list of the most common Botox injection sites:
  • Forehead;
  • Glabellar region;
  • Periorbital area;
  • Perioral area.
Please note: The usage of Botox for cosmetic purposes requires a doctor to be specially trained, skilled, and experienced. Otherwise, there is a possibility to relax the wrong muscle, which might harm a patient’s appearance, create facial asymmetry, make mouth corners drop, and so on. Thus, injections of botulin toxin require excellent knowledge of human anatomy. It is also important to understand that botulin toxin is not able to smooth out static wrinkles completely. In other words, it cannot eliminate deep skin imperfections that occurred as a result of natural aging (namely, the decrease of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the dermal tissues). However, botulinotherapy is very effective in treating dynamic wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones. Please note: If a patient needs to eliminate static wrinkles rather than dynamic ones, injections of dermal fillers might be considered.

Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosisBotox for hyperhidrosis

Wrinkle smoothing is not the only application of Botox therapy. In addition, botulin toxin is also used to temporarily weaken the activity of sweat glands, and, therefore, solve the unpleasant problem of excessive sweating. For the treatment of the so-called hyperhidrosis, Botox might be injected into the armpits, palms, feet, and groins. When being more precise, it should be administered superficially and in large quantities in order to stop sweat secretion. The halt of excessive sweating is achieved due to the violation of the transmission of the nerve impulse to the sweat gland. As a result, a patient notices a considerable decrease in sweat secretion for the time period that equals 4-6 months. Please note: The degree of sweating might be determined with the help of an iodine test: the cosmetologist dryly wipes a certain area (for example, underarms), applies iodine, and after that sprinkles with starch. In those places that have strongly blackened, there is the highest concentration of sweat glands. There is one essential thing that has to be mentioned when discussing the usage of Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. While injecting botulin toxin into one area (for instance, underarms), the cosmetologist should warn the patient that sweat may start to exude from another area (for example, back). However, it will happen only in extreme for the organism conditions, such as high temperatures, active sports, etc. In other cases, it should not be noticeable. As well, please keep in mind that botulin toxin can not be injected in all places at the same time, while sweating is a necessary process for controlling the body temperature.